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Moody Sounds

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Moody Devil Echo

Strange Devil Echo - a new dimension to your delay playing. Strange Devil is furnished with a send/ return loop which external effect(s) can be connected to. If a pedal is connected to the loop, the delayed signal takes the way through this effect which sets a new character to the repetitions...
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159.00 €
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Moody Baby Box Noise Generator

Fun toy for those looking for mad sounds in the jungle of noise! Make a bizarre distortion of reality with this machine! Use it with guitar or let it make sounds on its own! Baby Box has three modes of action: Auto, Constant and Trig. In the Auto and Constant modes, it generates noise...
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299.00 €
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Moody Clean Boost

Preamp with clean amplification, built on the flexible Moody Overdrive pcb. Clone of MXR Microamp. We used the professionally coated enclosure MXR style deep green sparkle for this project.
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195.00 €
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Moody Snapphanen

Solid Boost pedal with unique design, built for the competition at the Guitar show in Hässleholm, where Snapphanen in is one of the prices.
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169.00 €
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