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Moody Boost

Pédale de boost/volume
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Moody Boost pushes your amp to work harder. If you have good gear, they will sound more with your Moody Boost!

The circuit is not complicated. It is made up of only one signal amplifying transistor and a few passive components, just like the originals that were made 40 years ago! I decided to use a reliable medium gain transistor, BC547B, to create a reliable and useful pedal.

When it comes to pots, jacks and switches, I have chosen brands that should signal out reliability as well: pots are from Alpha electronics, jacks are from Neutrik and Lumberg and the casing is from Boss Mouldings. Moody Boost should survive wild live gigs as well as rattling about on a tour bus!

The pedal has two knobs, "vol" (black knob) and "boost" (white knob). The Boost knob adjusts amplification and, to some extent, overdrive. With this knob turned to max or close to max the signal will distort lightly. If you want it to clean boost the signal, set boost at min and turn up vol. The volume knob doesn't affect the tone at all, it just attenuates the signal.

True bypass. LED on in effects mode.

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