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Orion Elektro Booster

Pédale de boost
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The ELEKTOR BOOSTER is a frequency-linear cleanbooster for guitars and bass guitars. It works discretely with FET-technology.
With up to 35dB gainboost it is perfect to boost your tube amp or to add more drive to other overdrivepedals!
With its high input impedance, the ELEKTRO BOOSTER can also be used as a buffer. This is especially true for bass guitars.

• Status LED with two-stage brightness switch
• Hardware true bypass
• 9V DC-Jack
• Battery-connection (battery inclusive!)
• 5 years guarantee
• Packed in jute-bag with button
• Handmade in Germany

discrete built with FET-technology Controls: Boost Dimension: 114 x 70 x 48mm Weight: 226g (without battery) Supply voltage: +9V Current: 3,4mA (Bypass: 1,5mA)

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