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Orion Null Booster / Buffer

Pédale buffer
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The NULL BOOSTER is a buffer pedal using discrete FET-technology that has a high input impedance and a low output impedance. This effect prevents treble loss on long cable runs live or in the studio without changing the basic sound or volume.
A DIP-switch gives you the opportunity to choose between four input impendances and the two output sockets can split the signal up to two amps.
The NULL BOOSTER is also useful as a buffer for acoustic instruments with piezo pickups or to plug the guitar directly into a soundcard, console or DI without losing volume.

Treble-loss on long cable-ways:
If you need long cables on live-gigs or in the studio, it happens that you guitar-sound loses treble. Cou can change this with the Null Booster / Buffer. Use a short cable from your guitar to the Buffer and it will "shoot" the sound through the rest of the cable.

Signal-split to two amps:
If you use two amps you can use the Null Booster / Buffer as a split. It has got two outputs. You'll prevent treble-loss.

Instrument direct into soundcard, console or DI:
Use the Null Booster / Buffer if you want to plug your instrument directly into a soundcard, console or a DI-box. You'll get a higher signal.

Buffer for acoustic instruments:
Many acoustic instruments uses piezo-pickups with a very high impedance. For best sound-transmission use the Null Booster-Buffer if you plug into a guitar-amp, console or a soundcard.

• selectable input-impedance:
10 Megaohm for piezo-pickups
1 Megaohm standard for e-guitars and bass
500 Kiloohm and 350 Kiloohm for other things
• Two outputs
• Status LED
• 9V DC-Jack
• Battery-connection (battery inclusive!)
• 5 years guarantee
• Packed in jute-bag with button
• Handmade in Germany

discrete built with FET-technologie Dimension: 114 x 67 x 35mm Weight: 191g (without battery) Supply voltage: +9V Current: 3,9mA

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