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Orion Ramlon Fuzz

Pédale de fuzz / sustain
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The Ramlon Fuzz is based on the maybe most popular higain fuzz- / distortion / sustainer pedal ever.

Additional there is the Orion-3-Modes-Switch on board!
C: Classic-Mode: Classic Ram's-sound.
S: Supa-Mode: Sounds more fuzzy, deeper and angrier.
B: Boost-Mode: Louder and rougher.

• Dimmable status LED
• Hardware true bypass
• 9V-DC-Jack
• Battery-connection (battery inclusive!)
• Removable rubber-feet
• 5 years guarantee
• Packed in jute-bag with button
• Handmade in German

Controls: Pegel (Volume), Klang (Tone), Verzerrung (Distortion), Mode-Switch Dimension: 122x101x57mm Weight: 356 g (excl. battery) Supply voltage: +9V Current: 2,5mA (bypass: 1,2mA)

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