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Rainger FX Air Space Invader

Pédale générateur de bruit/overdrive/auto-wah
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Guitar overdrive with unique synthy edge
Custom-designed mini pedal format
Hi/lo resonance filter
White noise hiss blending
Igor pressure pad controlled
All sockets on top end panel!

The Air Space Invader is the stripped-down version of the Air Traffic Controller. It mixes a Rainger FX optimum distortion circuit with a white noise 'hiss' generator, and sends the sound through a low pass filter.

The cut-off frequency of the filter is controlled by the envelope of what you play (the volume), and also by the Igor foot-controller.


This cute pedal gives sounds ranging from a biting edgy funk tone, to sheets of shoe-gazy distortion, 'moog-y synth' fusion styles, to TB303 acid filter opening/closing, hi-texture fuzz, electro percussion...

When you don't play, the cut-off frequency drops - working as a noise gate; while there's plenty of volume available, the Air Space Invader is a very quiet pedal.


The 'VOL' knob adjusts the output volume, 'DRIVE' does the amount of distortion, while
'MIX' controls the blend of guitar with white noise (going from only hiss to only guitar at the extremes).

The 'ATTACK' switch adds a slight rise-up to the filter at the start of a note, and 'Q' changes the resonance of the filter from low to high.

Originally the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz assistant, Igor is a small and light pressure operated foot controller. It's dual-sensitivity; just flip it over to change from a hard press to a soft press, and it can be worked by hand.

A whole new approach to 'synth' effects pedals, in a Rainger FX mini-pedal Filter with zingy distortion/white noise blend 'INCOMING' LED on the 'radar' display shows'signal present' Keeps the underlying character and tone of your guitarigor for dwarf bitch Totally silent between notes Comes with an Igor foot-controller - with two available pressure sensitivities (Igor interchangeable with other Rainger FX pedals). Amazing for funk, techno-rock, acid, fusion, shoe gaze, electro, synth-pop, noise-based music... Choice of attack profiles No side sockets taking up pedalboard space 'OK-kickable' control switches Custom-designed steel enclosure Powered by 9v power supply (not included) True bypass footswitching

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