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Rainger FX El Distorto

Pédale de distorsion
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This is a distortion pedal, the circuit adapted from Brian Wampler's 'Liquid' distortion - hence the 'El'.It has volume and drive controls, plusa 'voicing' switch- offering a distinctive 'fixed wah' sort of tone (but not asdrastic), plus a more wide open sounding distortion. It has true bypass.

To take up as small a foot-print as possible on a pedal board,El Distorto has a very small andnarrow enclosure, (100mm x 50mmx 25mm). It's plastic, and its footswitch is mounted so that the back of it makescontact with the bottom panel of the boxto give extra strength. It comes in orange,black or white (cream).

There are no sockets on the sides, as they'd take up more space. In fact the box is so small, there's no room for jack sockets on it at all, so you plug into and out of two Neutrik sockets on antenna-like cables out of the top of it.

In between them is a switch that turns the power on and off (not the effect, but the power to it - the equivalent of the input socket on a standard set-up).The status of the effect is indicated by the 'angry eyebrows' LEDs.

Main features. Really tasty distortion sounds. Twin voicing options. Unique plugging arrangement. Locking input/output sockets. Drive and volume controls. Hard-wired true bypass switching. Very small pedalboard footprint. Deeply cute alien vibe. Meter monitors input signal. 9 volt battery powered.

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