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Slam Pickmaster

Machine à fabriquer des médiators
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15.90 € -27%au lieu de 21.90 €
Price incl. VAT 20 %.
Internationnal customers price is € 13.25.

Délai de livraison (vers la France) : 2 jours.

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International customers, you are welcome.

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Tired of losing picks and paying too much to replace them? Personalise your playing by making your own plectrums with the Pickmaster. This cunning tool not only recycles packaging, it will also save you time and money!

Pickmaster features the Plectrometer on the packaging that allows you to measure the height of your stash of plectrums and calculate their value (based on a thickness of 0.7mm at 50p each - other currencies are available..!) It comes packaged in a self-standing or hanging plastic clamshell.

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