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pédales buffer, true bypass

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Vahlbruch Line Driver

The "Line Driver" is a pure 100% analog, hand-build, highly versatile unity-gain buffer pedal, especially designed to convert a high-impedance instrument input signal to a low-impedance output without any degradation in tone or level, but instead giving enough strength, dynamic and clarity to the signal to travel through long cables and complex setups...
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195.00 €
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Orion Bypass

- True bypass looper - A/B Box (to switch between 2 amps or 2 guitars) - Mute Switch - Amp Channel Footswitch Super-switcher!
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85.00 €
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Orion Null Booster / Buffer

The NULL BOOSTER is a buffer pedal using discrete FET-technology that has a high input impedance and a low output impedance. This effect prevents treble loss on long cable runs live or in the studio without changing the basic sound or volume...
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