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pédales de looper, A/B box

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Servus! Pedale Roadie

Presets: You can save up to 128 presets organized in 16 banks with 8 presets each easily and intuitively. Simply select the bank, activate or deactivate the loops and save. Status LEDs and the display let you know which bank, preset and loop is selected...
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Servus! Pedale Dual Loop's

Connect two effect loops and choose which you want to hear. The Servus Dual Loop's most important characteristic is that it doesn't cut off the tails of effects like delays, reverbs and loopers when you switch between two loops. This makes the transition a lot more natural compared to traditonal A/B boxes...
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Orion Doppel Bypass

- True bypass looper - A/B Box (to switch between 2 amps or 2 guitars) - Mute Switch - Amp Channel Footswitch Super-switcher!
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