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Orion Silver Drive

Pédale d'overdrive
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The SILVER DRIVE is a very versatile overdrive pedal for guitar and bass guitar, if you like old Marshall(TM)-Amps, you will love this pedal!
With the special treble and bass controls, it's possible to create a harmonic and direct overdrive sound that is unique when adapted to your amp and guitar.
You will get a clean drive, trebleboost, distortion and of course an overdrive in one only unit.

• Dimmable status-LED
• Hardware true bypass
• 9V DC-jack
• Battery-connection (battery inclusive!)
• Removable rubber-feet
• 5 years guarantee
• Packed in jute-bag with button
• Handmade in Germany

Controls: Pegel (Volume), Tiefen (Bass), Höhen (Treble), Verzerrung (Drive) Dimension: 120 x 100 x 57mm Weight: 350g (without battery) Supply voltage: +9V Current: 3,7mA (Bypass: 2,5mA)

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