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Rainger FX Dr Freakenstein Fuzz (& Igor)

Pédale de fuzz
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This is an extreme tone-mangling distortion,adapted from John Hollis''Crash Sync' circuit. While giving amazing single note sustain it copes quite well with chords too. It has an amazing kind of built-in noise gate to it - dead silence between notes (which is very strange for a distortion).

There's a volume and a tone knob, the latter (labelled 'OSC') actually controlling how one internal oscillator interacts with another...

This sounds great at any setting, but also is really exciting as you adjust it - like a cross between a wah wah and a phaser. So an LFO option is incorporated to modulate this control (giving a triangle wave-shape, speed adjustable from a slow sweep to a fast wobble). There's a switch on the front panel to turn this on or off, and the red status LED flashes to show the speed.

Also, being Dr Freakenstein Fuzz, of course it has an assistant called Igor  - which is a large postage stamp-sized pressure pad that you tread on. This plugs in via mini-jack to either tweak the OSC (tone) according to how hard you press, or to adjust the bias of the modulation range; on a fast modulation setting, this can give an effect reminiscent of a bubbling synth, sweeping down from high cutoff to low.

Igor is like 'aftertouch' on a synth - but for guitarists. It's a new thing - tiny, light, and practically no moving parts. One Igor comes with each Dr Freakenstein.

There's also a meter for monitoring your input signal, plus - for a full gothic 'Dr Freakenstein's laboratory' vibe - the whole thing is mounted in a miniature boffin-style plastic desk console (170mm x 125mm footprint) complete with knife switch that you throw to turn it on.

For the standard version, in full melodramatic style you crank the lever by hand and all the lights come on, the meter jumps into action, and the monster sound comes alive. However the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz is also available as fully footswitchable - hard-wired true bypass - with a seperate On-Off footswitch attached to the back panel by cable. In this format the knife switch becomes purely 'power on'.

All units have a 'DC in' socket.

Collossal wall-of-fuzz sound. Totally silent between notes. Controllable by the Igor foot expression pedal - virtually indestructable, no 'right way up' - just drop it on the floor and use it. One Igor supplied with each unit. Incredible full-on 'execution' styling. Fast/Slow Modulation - slow adds extra texture, fast is a little crazy. HFrightening amounts of volume available. LFO option (with rate control) to modulate the 'harmonic overtone'. Igor also tweaks the LFO. Meter monitors input signal. Powered via 'DC in' socket or 9 volt battery.

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